More Vintage Lingerie

Seeing as Valentines Day is coming up and although it’s been nearly three years since I did a Lingerie piece it’s still one of the top reasons people ever visit PlaidStallions ( Sex sells, I must remember to write that down) I thought it was high time to take another look at what I call “Eww-la-la” […]

Celebrity Sighting?

I bought this catalog recently and the seller had postulated to me that this was Barbara Bach, originally I thought “That doesn’t look like Daisy Duke!” but eventually clued in. I’m not 100% sure if this is Mrs. Ringo Starr but I certainly can’t say I mind posting this photo. Hey, “Caveman” is on DVD, […]

Yet Another Smelly Old Lingerie Catalog…..

Even though I swore I’d never do it again there was something fun about the previous House of Kesman Lingerie catalog so I had to find another. This one is more of the same with models that slightly resemble your aunt with airbrushed nipples showing off the finest in non breathable bedroom fabrics. Oh and […]

A look at a Smelly Old Lingerie Catalog…

Oooh La! La! A weird treat today, a disco era Lingerie Catalog complete with odd outfits, weird hair and maybe just a bit of Le Sexy? A few of my favourites below:“The high council demands you disrobe now!” Nice shoulders!“The Mavis”, just in case you wondered what your Aunt who drinks a box of wine […]

Spaaaace Hookers!

Bidee-Biddee-Bideee How much for a Rusty Trombone? I bought a lingerie catalog from the 70’s, that’s right I touched a used Lingerie catalog, I don’t feel well.