5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week- King Kong booze, Kenner Duke, Superhero stained glass, biblical toys and rack toy scuba men! Disclaimer: These links are sponsored and I get shiny penny if you click. King Kong Decanter (eBay Affiliate Link) I have this weird love affair with the 1976 King Kong film, mainly because […]

Lite Writers

These Lite Writers by Larami are a neat example of how Rack Toys work, when you have a license, just create a unique item you can stick a character on.It’s fun seeing Flash Gordon in the mix, Larami also added a Cylon a year later (this is 1979) but as I recall it was rather […]

Star Aliens Meet Superman

More Rack Toys today, I’m really digging these die cast Star Aliens figures by Larami. They seem to be rocking that whole Shogun Warriors/Micronauts vibe. My pal MegoSteve sent me a picture of his wicked cool AHI Parachuting Superman figure and a Knock Off (which probably also produced by AHI) Big Fun: Jon has created […]

Logical Putty

It’s hugh time we looked at Rack Toys again and what better a subject than Star Trek: The Motion Picture? I’m not sure what the connection was to the film. It’s pretty funny to imagine the crew of the Enterprise playing with this Silly Putty knock off, imagine if during the kolinahr ceremony spock just […]