Codematic by Larami

I love this display from Larami in 1976, the company prided itself on it’s ability to systematically stock toys using their sales team (they were owned by a bakery). They also really thought the image of George Kennedy would make kids weak in the knees, crap he’s on this display more than Martin Landau or […]

Battlestar to the moon!

At first glance the Larami L.E.M lander looks more logical, almost in synch with the series. I mean these guys packaged EVERYTHING under the BSG banner save for sewing sets including jets, yes just plain ordinary fighter planes. However, the L.E.M lander is just a repackaged moon landing toy and has absolutely nothing to do […]


If you’re stranded on an alien planet and the beer bottles aren’t screw off, this puppy will be worth it’s weight in gold. What’s sad about this thing is, I’ve spent about twenty minutes looking through catalogs trying to find the version of this that has images from the show’s second season.  It’s getting a […]

Powered by Spinach

Popeye merchandise is a sea (i’m hilarious) of weird, re purposed stuff that has nothing to do with the character. It’s always nice to see something that while absolutely re purposed, kinda, sorta relates to the character.

Target : Monsters

I found this toy in the 1976 Larami catalog, I have no clue as to whether or not it was produced but it is something I will keep my eyes out for. It’s a pretty galling use of the Universal characters and I doubt it’s officially licensed in any way. That’s the joy that is […]

The human adventure is just beginning…

Star Trek : The Motion Picture holds a special place in my heart but the rack toys don’t hold a candle to the cool stuff companies like AHI put out for the original series. AHI made a myriad phaser guns, flying enterprises and parachuting spocks,  Larami gave us …wallets. Wallets that are exactly the same  in every way […]

Blow me down….

One of the things that drove me to write a book about Rack Toys is the unintentional hilarity that seems to stem from it. Case in point, this set which connects a license to something it really shouldn’t. Popeye seems to have a lot of this going on. I am sure that he gets a […]

A green and insignificant planet, is now dead.

Behold, the closest thing we ever got to a toy version of the Alpha Omega bomb that wiped out the Planet of the Apes in Beneath. So this  gives you the option of either thinking it’s another dumb rack toy or a surprisingly canon item. Either way, that’s some killer packaging…. More Larami goodness

Alan M was a fool

A life long Josie and the Pussycats fan, one of my earliest crushes was that of Alexandria Cabot, white streaked hair and bitchy attitudes have always enchanted me.