Now this is a Marvel Team Up

I won’t lie to you, I’ve dreamt of these guys getting together. New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

1979 Craftmaster Poster Art Catalog

Poster and marker sets were one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon as a kid (cause that’s about how long the markers would last). I also recently have become invested in tracking down all the ones I had as a kid. Craftmaster had all the best licenses in the late 70s which included […]

Darth Burger Chef

Dylan (pictured in the middle just below Darth’s fusebox) sent in this wonderful shot from 1977 when the dark lord of the sith popped into a, Iron Mountain, MI Burger Chef for lunch. Actually he was there to promote the Burger Chef giveaway premiums (which by the way are completely awesome, why didn’t you guys […]

Darth wants you!

Brooke sent in a pile of cool clippings for Star Wars Mall Appearances, I love this one for Clover (?) stores which also hawks SW underwear, bedding and records. He also sent me this rare trading card. I am so angry that I didn’t think of this as a kid! Brooke’s website is called, […]

Derec and Darth

Derec sent in this Darth Vader appearance shot  from  a mall in Metairie LA. I think the Fonzie shirt pretty much dates this one. Derec mentions that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this backdrop and he’s right: Eric sent in this Empire era shot a few years back, great eye Derec! Send me […]

Dark Lord of the Atari

Hopping the pond to the UK for this Mall Appearance which happened in the early 1980s when Darth Vader himself dropped in on a “Toymaster” (great name) shop to promote the Empire Strikes Back Video cartridges that I spent the majority of 1981 playing.Send me your mall appearance photos!

Darth Vader hits the Waterpark

Matt sent in this fun shot of him and Darth Vader in the Wisconsin Dells circa 1978, note the signed 8″ by 10″ glossy in his hands. Matt gets bonus points for the cool Starsky and Hutch shirt but I’m not sure why Darth Vader is wearing the buzzer from my grandmother’s apartment building lobby […]

The Empire Strikes Cleveland

JD who sent in that great Spider-Man picture from last week also sent this awesome Darth Vader appearance from 1980 at the Parmatown Mall, also in the Cleveland area. The store was either Higbees or May Company, he can’t remember. Just in case you don’t see it, there is something that sets this apart from […]

Darth Mall and an appearance by the Incredible Hulk!

Two more additions to the Plaidstallions Mall Appearance Gallery today and they’re both pretty fantastic! Daniel Preston sent in this fantastic pic of Darth Vader at the Mac Dade Mall Woolco in PA, Vader choked that Imperial officer when his marker ran dry. Mark ( AKA Vulcanjedi ) sent in this wild Incredible Hulk Appearance […]