Toy-Ventures: Denys Fisher Cyborg

This week Toy-Ventures looks at Cyborg, a UK action figure line licensed to Denys Fisher by way of Japan. While it isn’t talked about enough, Cyborg was a spin-off of Hasbro’s GI Joe and eventually gave birth to such incredible toy icons as the Micronauts and Transformers. It’s a really interesting and beautiful line of […]

Denys Fisher Cyborg

Not enough props can go out to what I think is the UK’s better kept secrets, originally a Japanese line called “Henshin Cyborg”, the clever monkeys at Denys Fisher took it, made it smaller and added a keen back story. I didn’t grow up in the UK, had no inkling it existed when I was […]

Cyborg VS Muton

Another excuse for me to extoll the virtue of the Denys Fisher Cyborg line, there’s just something so appealing about see through action figures, wish I could elaborate on that further. This is one of those figure lines that never made it to North America, lucky brits… For more drooling, check out the 1977 Denys […]