Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Trek Part 2

Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Trek Part 2     Ayyyyyyyy, we wrap up our Toy Trek with an impossible mission, two flea markets, three antique malls, 250 miles in one day. Check out what we saw and what we got! I promise it’s neat! Places Visited: Joi De Vintage Pinery Market Aberfoyle Antique Market […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

EBAY LINK Starzinger-SpaceKeteers Helmet-  The animated antics of “Force Five” didn’t hit the Toronto market until I was way too old to enjoy it but I really remember watching it on Channel 47. Spaceketeers was the one show that wasn’t somehow connected to the Shogun Warriors, I haven’t thought of it in a long while […]

Sales will climb with Spider-Man!

It’s fitting that i found this ad as i recently discovered the destroyed remains of my  corgi Spider-Copter in my kid’s room recently. It made no comic book sense and even at 7 years of age  I knew it was aerodynamically impossible but I thought it was the greatest vehicle ever. More Corgi goodness:

Corgi Spiderbuggy & Green Goblin

I thought I’d devote today to my favourite diecast vehicle of my youth. A piece of Spider-Man merchandise that makes absolutely no sense but to my nine year old brain just felt oh so right, the super awesome Spiderbuggy with Green Goblin! More after the jump! I read a mountain of Spider-Man comics as a […]

Pod Stallions 45 : The Monkees

We’re thrilled to be back recording PodStallions after some truly turbulent times. Today’s show is all about our mutual love for the Monkee’s, although neither of us were alive for the show’s original run we were both hooked on reruns and records during the middle 1970s. We kick off the show playing catch up and […]

Pod Stallions Episode 4: Spies Like Us

Dust off your spear gun and get comfy in your volcano lair, this one’s all about Spies and spy like products. Jason and Brian talk about their love of the genre including James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E, Matt Helm, Derek Flint and there was just no way of avoiding discussion of “A Man Called Sloane”.  […]