5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Slam Bam Diesels (eBay Link)– I do not recall this toy line, which brilliantly merges Smash Up Derby with RC cars. I will, however, be stealing “Slam Bam Diesels” should I ever form a dad garage band.     Batman Stained Glass Kit (eBay Link) — I could do a “5 Awesome Batman crafts […]

Sesame Street Garage by Child Guidance

After my last dealership visit, I think having Ernie work on my car would be an upgrade. Sure I’d have to deal with cookie crumbs but maybe he could find that rattle.   Other Sesame Street posts on PlaidStallions       Our book Rack Toys, Cheap, Crazed Playthings is now available again! Order through […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Playset

I think this Kentucky Fried Chicken play set is one of the more charming toy concepts I’ve seen in a while.  I’d also like to say I want that little Col. Sanders more than air currently. I guess this was even TV advertised, I certainly don’t remember the commercials.

Green Giant Factory Playset

This playset from Child Guidance seems like a good idea but trust me, having grown up down the street from an actual cannery I assure you, it was the last place on earth you wanted to play. That’s a smell that still haunts me….

Some Finger Puppet Love

Card #14 goes out to my pal Scott Adams. Scott and I work on the Megomuseum and this is his other obsession, Child Guidance Sesame Street Finger Puppets. Scott asked me a couple of weeks before this how I felt about doing a card like this and me being a Sesame Street nut, it was […]

1978 Child Guidance Sesame Street Catalog

Wrapping up Sesame Street week the only way I know how, with another catalog. Child Guidance was one of the bigger producers of Sesame Street Merchandising in the 1970’s, at this point they were a division of Gabriel (makers of the cool Lone Ranger line of toys) but eventually would become part of the Azrak […]

Sesame Street Swag

Found this neat picture in a catalogue recently, just a cool spread of Child Guidance Sesame Street toys mingled with the “original cast”. That unknown dude in the middle? That’s some sort of “Build a Muppet” that CG was selling at the time. Expect another Sesame Street Week this May, it’s long overdue.Links of interest: […]