Bike Radio Decisions

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Ideal R-R-R-Raw Power

I’ve mentioned it before but my parent’s denying me this toy for “safety issues” never ceases to amuse me. Think I’ll call them up and bug them about it again. I would have probably broken it in an hour though…

Battle of the Planets Tricycle

Well, my pal Dave over at ToyNerd (go check it out, I’ll wait) succeeded in two things 1) Showing me something I’ve never seen before and 2) Totally making me want a girl’s bicycle! Follow me after the jump for this awesome Battle of the Planets piece. Seeing as Princess rode a three wheeled bicycle this […]

R-R-R-R-AW Power

I can remember the exact moment I saw this, it was pretty important afterall, it was a device that made your bike sound like a motorcycle. Screw want, I needed this dammit, it was important.My parents reviewed my case and shot it down claiming “Safety issues” when pressed further I pretty much got some sort […]

Dirt Bikes!

Looking through a Western Auto Catalog today, I was reminded of how important a dirt bike was when I was growing up. It seemed to give you street cred, although in my case that “small town middle class suburbs” street cred.. The kids with the dirtbikes were the ones people flocked to, an early version […]