Slumber Party Hijinx

Sadly, the fun evening was ruined when a heated debate over whether Jaws 2 cards were worth as much as Empire Strikes Back in “flipsies”, caused Richard to call his mom to pick him up.* (*based on a true story and for the record, Empire Strikes Back were totally worth at least two of your […]

The Libertine

Ladies, please try to avoid Randy’s powerful gaze at all cost and whatever you do, DO NOT accept an invitation back to his trailer to see his taxidermy, no matter how appealing that sounds,  IT’S A TRAP!

Hey Guys!

“I’m Sweet Jimmy, the transfer from Idaho. What’s happening guys? Guys? Can you hear me? Hellooooooo? Earth to you guys!”

Underwear Party

Just in case an alien race comes to our ruined planet in the far distant future and stumble upon this image, I just want to repeat, this is not a regular thing men do.