Captain America Greets his public

David T sent in a big pile of goodies recently and I think my favourite of all is this cool pic of Captain America shaking hands at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ in 1976. That shield is awesome. Send us your Mall Appearance photos!

1976 NERF Catalog

NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (thanks wikipedia!) and was first introduced to households in 1969 as the the first indoor ball, With it’s success, saw many other application for this fun and safe material. 40 years after it’s introduction, NERF is still widely available which is a testament to how timeless an idea it […]

Green Giant Factory Playset

This playset from Child Guidance seems like a good idea but trust me, having grown up down the street from an actual cannery I assure you, it was the last place on earth you wanted to play. That’s a smell that still haunts me….

1976 Mead Catalog for Super School Supplies

Yeah, it might seem pretty weird to feature a school supplies catalog, except this is Mead, who made all the cool licensed stuff you wished you had.The big launch for 1976 were the Marvel Comics Superheroes school supplies, while I never recieved any of these personally, I must have sat across from a kid who […]

Retro Toy Fair 1976 : Super Babies

Everything got “super” in 1976, with the popularity of licensing increasing, toys became about the capes or the future with the popularity of Star Trek or then newcomer Space:1999. A great example of the licensing surge are these Amsco Superbabies, wook at L’il Cap’n Merca with his widdle shield, awwwww!