A Japanese Toy Store Flyer from the 1970s

It’s no secret I’m fond of vintage toy store flyers but getting them from foreign countries is even sweeter! I can’t read a lick of Japanese but I can spot fun classic 1970s toys like Jumbo Machinders (We called them Shogun Warriors), MicroMan (Micronauts here) and the amazing Henshin Cyborg,check out the 1970s Japanese Toy […]

1974 Kusan Halloween Catalog

Kusan may not be as well known as Ben Cooper or Collegeville for Halloween  and they certainly didn’t get the “A” licenses but they sure knew how to create some innovative and highly creative costumes. From ideas like combining a kazoo into a Halloween mask to Licensing teen heartthrobs like David Cassidy,  this is not just a […]

Colouring Book Theater: Valley of the Dinosaurs

Valley of the Dinosaurs I haven’t done a CBT at all this year, so I’m glad I found this book whilst visiting the groovy retro store Planet of the Stuff two weeks back. I remember this show well as a kid, mostly because to me it seemed like an animated knock off version of my beloved […]

Finger Faces

One of the things I’ve noticed about Rack Toys is that good concepts don’t die. This Finger Faces ad is 40 years old but I can still find them at my local dollar store for exactly the same price. I can’t say that about coffee or Buicks sadly… Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a […]

Matchbox Fighting Furies Commercial

This commercial reel has sat on my desk for over two years, it’s been driving me mad to honest. It did not disappoint, even though I honestly don’t recollect the Fighting Furies, seeing 70s sensation Mason Reese pimp this toy line is truly a highlight of my year, behold the original commercial for “The Kung Fu […]

New Zoo Revue Loves You!

I don’t know if it would still love me if it knew that I constantly get it mixed up with “Great Space Coaster”.. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and get three free promotional post cards.

Batman and the Orange Hand

Batman and the Orange Hand My friend Todd from Hake’s Americana sent me this incredible bit of 1970s weirdness. It’s a UK promotional catalog where Batman solves a case inexplicably by buying a young boy some polyester pants and a few sweaters.  Never has there ever been an item so fitting to what this website […]

Big Jim speaks!

How I loved my talking Big Jim when I was four and if I can find it kicking around here, I remember that back pack still worked at the last pull. A lot of stuff gets said about Jim these days but he rocked my world as a kid.

Jigsaw Monsters

Although I’ve never owned any of these APC Monster Puzzles but I’d love to discover this display in the back of a drug store one day…

1974 Centsable Halloween Catalog

  Centsable, the people behind Socker Boppers also did a good business in Halloween costumes, who knew? This 1974 catalog shows that while they did in fact have several decent licenses like the Hanna Barbera clan , they were not above creating some of the ballsiest knock offs of the decade nor did the seem […]