1971 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog

 My earliest memories of action figures are Hasbro’s GI Joe Adventure team, I would spend hours staring at those wishbook pages, drooling at those fuzzy faced guys having adventures.  The sights of these toys are so hard-wired in my brain, they’re pure happiness. That’s why I’m excited to be showcasing the 1971 Hasbro GI Joe […]

I’ve got a tough assignment for you

Growing up,  my neighbour Dave had a talking Joe, all it ever said was “I have a tough assignment for you” to the point where Dave came up with his own “tough assignment” and smashed Joe with a hammer.  It made me giggle when I read the ad copy on this page. Last I saw […]

Sea Devils 71

The Mattel Sea Devils made so few catalog appearances in their all too brief run in the early 1970s that it’s important to point them out. I never had a Sea Devil growing up as I wasn’t two by the time the line was cancelled, I would have been ALL OVER this line though. My […]

Scream’n Demons

Another toy that I’m too young to remember (I was pretty busy staring at fuzzy wall paper for the majority of 1971) but Hasbro’s Scream’n Demons predate the Evel Knievel concept but marry it with the popularity of Biker culture at the time.

Here come the Microbots

No that’s not a misspelling, six years before Mego launched Micronauts, Kenner had tried their luck with the Microbots, a series of futuristic robots who could build their own environments. They even had their own (one shot) comic book by Gold Key! Sadly, the line didn’t take off and was quickly forgotten, the toys themselves are […]

Major Matt Mason 1971 Catalog

Mattel’s man in space “Major Matt Mason” had an successful run during the 1960s space race until about 1969 when man actually walked on the moon and didn’t find an alien civilization. While this did sound the death knell for space toys in general, Mattel marketed the Major until the 1970s and made new items […]

The Bananna Splits Meet Batman

Mike sent in these little bits of greatness from 1973 (Batman) and 1971 (Splits) , I miss store bought costumes….   Still time to enter our Halloween Contest, send your vintage Halloween pics or Monster collections on down to me here and you’re in.

1971 Mattel Sea Devils Catalog

In the 1960s, Mattel had a great deal of success with their “Major Matt Mason” line of toys, but when Neal Armstrong stepped on the moon and discovered nothing, interest in space toys hit new lows. Mattel logically thought to spin the concept off to a more earth bound concept and created “The Sea Devils” […]