Toy-Ventures is a new publication coming to you from PlaidStallions press, who brought you MegoZine and Rack Toys: Cheap Crazed Playthings.

What it is: Toy-Ventures is an old skool print toy magazine featuring toys and action figures from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s in a comprehensive manner.

Each issue will feature collector guides, rare photographs, interviews, and articles by some of the toy experts in the Collector Field. it’s a quarterly celebration of our childhood friends!

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Issue #4 continues Toy-Ventures ongoing adventure and has a stunning cover by Corey Le Chat (@djswankcat)

My Favourite Munster-

We’re visiting 1313 Mocking Bird Lane when Corey Le Chat (who also provided this issue’s awesome cover)  gives us a tour of one of the greatest collections of Munster merchandise ever assembled. We’ll talk about the man whose passion fueled it and show many items that have never been featured in print before.

Apemen Down Under-

William has written a great piece about this Australian line of Planet of the Apes knock off figures produced by TONG Inc. called “The Action Apemen”

The Expandable Ones-

David Lockwood explores the stretchable space-age superheroes and villains made by Funstuff in the early 1980s.

Push Button Action AKA “He’s Glump! He’s Glump!”-

We talk about the weird world of dime-store action heroes created by Durham from Yung Kung Fu to Glump the Caveman, it’s a comprehensive guide to a truly oddball group of characters.

Super Amicis

A fun pictorial guide to this cheeky line of figures that is very obviously meant to imitate the then-popular  Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes.

The Toy-Ventures Guide to the Mego Mad Monsters-

In this issue, we take an exhaustive look at this wonderful glow-in-the-dark figure line by Mego with input and anecdotes by Mego’s own Marty Abrams. It’s the definitive guide to this incredible toy line.


If you order through our store, your issue will come with a limited edition Mad Monsters souvenir pennant. Supplies are limited, this will not be available through any other offer.

Subsequent issues will cover toys from Mego, Hasbro, Remco, Ideal, Lincoln International, Tomland, Palitoy, Kenner, Matchbox and more with guest articles written by some of the top collectors in the field.


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