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Starsky and Hulk


1979 Fleetwood toys catalog

The most interesting thing about the cover for me is the Salvage 1 logo, I guess Fleetwood planned to merchandise the series but it was so shortlived even they didn't bother.

1979 Fleetwood starsky and hutch toys catalog

This would be the last year for Starsky and Hutch toys, the series wouldn't return for a fifth season.

1979 Fleetwood Incredible Hulk toys catalog

The CBS Incredible Hulk TV series was still going strong, the green golaith was a license to print money as evidenced by this cool hang gliders.

1979 Fleetwood Fantastic FOur toys catalog

Next to AHI Fleetwood may be my favourite Rack Toy company because they made toys based on characters other than Spider-Man or Hulk. Seriously, who was making toys of Sgt Fury and Ghost Rider back then? Nobody. That smaller Ghost Rider cycle is even rarer than the big one BTW.

1979 Fleetwood Avengers toys catalog

"Fly, Avengers, Fly" are some of my favourite bits of Superhero Rack Toy merch..


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