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Kenner 1978 Spring Supplement catalog

1978 Kenner Spring Supplement

Spring Supplement Catalogs usually include things that didn't make it into the February Toyfair catalogs in a bid to make it out in time for the Christmas season. The 1978 Kenner Catalog is a prime example featuring some classic goodies and a few that just didn't make it under anybody's tree that year..

Click on the images below to see what was in store from Kenner in the spring of '78:

PlaydoStar Wars

Play-doh was a Kenner staple and still an active brand today. While the new kid on the block Star Wars pretty much made toy history and the Spring catalog shows just how hard Kenner was working.

Bionic WomanMan from Atlantis

Once the most powerful license, the Bionic Woman was starting to run out of steam while the Man From Atlantis looked promising, for a little while.

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