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Kenner Boionic Woman and Man From Atlantis Items

1978 Kenner Fembot

The Fem Bot was the Bionic Woman's answer to Maskatron and the doll seemed to be a late release in 1978

1978 Kenner Dipdots

Kenner Dipdots were a hobby painting set that they would expand to their licensed properties, in this case Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar man.

1978 Man from Atlantis Kenner Dipdots

Kenner was hopeful that Man from Atlantis would be a big hit that year, it's unknown (by me) if this toy was ever released.

1978 Kenner man from atlantis viewer

Kenner produced these viewers in an effort to get some of that sweet viewmaster money, it's unknown again if the Man from Atlantis set ever saw release. I doubt that it did.

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