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Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery   the best of 70s fashion mockery
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1973 G.I. Joe Adventure Team Catalog

1973 was a pinnacle year for G.I. Joe and his fuzzy headed pals as they spanned the globe looking for adventure. The 1973 Hasbro G.I. Joe Catalog

Pod Stallions Episode 40: The Micronauts
Our latest Pod Stallions is all about the Mego Micronauts and we're joined by actor/comedian Chris Tallman, together we swap tales of the Micro-Verse! Like Pod Stallions on Facebook!

1973 Hasbro World of Love Catalog

Check out these groovy fashion dolls from the early 70s 1973 Hasbro World of Love Catalog

Pod Stallions 39: The Retro Awards
Our latest Pod Stallions is all about the books, movies and (of course) toys we liked best in 2015. Like Pod Stallions on Facebook!

Vintage Toy Store Photos Vol.18

The 18th edition of vintage toy store photos featuring aisles of Bionic Man, Lone Ranger, Dino Riders, Barbie and much, much more. Time warp back to the days Mom and Pop toy retailers here.

1979 Beno's Toys Flyer

There is nothing better than a toy flyer from 1979 especially when it's loaded with Star Wars, electronic games, Barbie and all the other stuff you've probably forgotten. 1979 Beno's Toy Catalog

Pod Stallions 38: Irwin Allen
This episode is all about our favourite television works of famous producer Irwin Allen, famous for Lost In Space, Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel. We'll tackle his movies in a later pod cast. Like Pod Stallions on Facebook!

1977 Gabriel Lone Ranger Catalog

Easily one of the finest action figure lines of the 1970s, the Gabriel Lone Ranger toy line was a popular and iconic series that deserves more attention.Hi-yo Silver with the 1977 Gabriel Toys Lone Ranger Catalog.

Sid and Marty Krofft Costume Gallery

Thanks to my pal Dave, we now have a gallery of amazing Halloween costumes based on Sid and Marty Krofft properties, I really want all of these... Get your Krofft fix on here!

Spotlight: Toynami Godzilla

I don't do a lot of new toy stuff but this Toynami recreation of the Mattel Shogun Warriors Godzilla is a pretty big deal. check out the Big G here!

Pod Stallions Episode 35: Kolchak
Our latest Pod Stallions is all about the classic TV horror series : Kolchak the Night Stalker. Like Pod Stallions on Facebook!

Gabriel Hal Needham Stuntman

Gabriel's Hal Needham stuntman toys is one of the most interesting action figure concepts of the 1970s, it should have been a bigger hit. 1977 Gabriel Stuntman Catalog here

1975 Amsco Toy Catalog

Amsco was a division of Milton Bradley and during their tenure they made some really fun creative and memorable toys. 1975's roster included Sesame Street, Classic Monsters, Planet of the Apes and even the Waltons in some unique items. 1975 Amsco Catalog

Pod Stallions Episode 34: Disappointing Merchandise
This show focuses on the negative as we talk about toys and movie merchandise that left a little to be desired, lots of laughs in this one. Like Pod Stallions on Facebook!

1977 Ideal Evel Knievel Catalog

1977 looked like it would be another banner year for Ideal Toys with it's Evel Knievel toy line which set sales records the previous years. Evel was even playing himself in the movie "Viva Knievel" to be released that June but thanks to a very well publicized incident, it all came crumbling down that year.. 1977 Evel Knievel Catalog

1970s Back to School Fashion Spectacular!

Even worse than summer ending is back to school shopping, getting dragged from (Non Toy) store to store is something most kids dislike. That's why I've prepared this handy trip down memory lane, once your kids see our double knit memories, they'll count their blessings. 1970s Back to School Fashion Spectacular!

Pod Stallions Episode 31: Christopher Lee
Episode 31 is our celebration of famed character actor Christopher Lee and his lengthy career influencing several genres, listen above or Subscribe to Pod Stallions on itunes! and also Like it on Facebook.

1981 Azrak Hamway International (AHI) Catalog
1981 AHI Toy Catalog AHI is one of my favourite toy companies of all time, known for their amazing rack toys. This glimpse into 1981 sees them with all the parachuting Superheroes, Star Trek and Universal Monster items you'll ever need. The 1981 Azrak Hamway Toy Catalog.

Popy Godzilla!
I kicked a major item off my wantlist by grabbing this Popy Jumbosaurus figure. This is Japan's version of the Shogun Warrior's Godzilla we got here but it's way better. Check here to see a side by side Godzilla comparison

click here to see the upcoming Toynami Shogun Warriors Godzilla (takes you to Entertainment Earth)

Arakis ain't that kid friendly
1984 LJN DUNE Catalog 1984 was the year that a line of toys based on a David Lynch film was marketed to children. Dune was hoped to be the next Star Wars, it really wasn't and we're left with one of the 80s oddest toy lines (that's saying a lot!) The 1984 LJN DUNE Catalog is spicey!

Pod Stallions Episode 29: Planet of the Apes
Episode 29 is just part one of our salute to the Planet of the Apes phenom that swept the country when were tots, this episode solely being devoted to the movie itself. Look for further installments in the coming months. Subscribe to Pod Stallions on itunes! and also Like it on Facebook.

Big Jim Reproduction Art
1975 big jim reproduction art Catalog Reproduction art was simple line drawings of toys provided by the manufacturer for newspaper ads and circulars, here is the 1975 Repro art book for the Big Jim line including the awesome P.A.C.K line! The 1975 Mattel Big Jim Reproduction Art Book!
Craft Master Poster Art Catalog
Craft Master I loved poster art sets, I mean i sucked at them and the markers dried out real fast but who could resist colouring Mr Roarke, Darth Vader, Captain Stubing or a Cyclon? Nobody, that's who! 1979 Craft Master Poster Art Catalog
Star Blazers Action Figure Gallery
Nomura Yamato Action Figures Star Blazers was one of my favourite shows growing up and the fact we never got action figures is a crime. In Japan (where the series was called "Space Battleship Yamato"), a company called Nomura produced "Star Wars" styled figures and the greatest playset I have ever seen. Which actually makes it evern more painful, check out The Star Blazers Action Figure Gallery
Big in Japan!
Japanese Toy Catalog from 1975 This cool Toy Flyer from a Japanese Toy Store is one of my favourite recent finds, loaded with classic toys like Godzilla, Jumbo Machinders and Microman. All that and Ko-Chan, one of the weirder toy store mascots I've ever seen. Check it all out here

Christmas Toys:1975
Japanese Toy Catalog from 1975 This cool newspaper circular from "Hagensicks Playroom" is a wonderful time capsule of the hottest toys of the year, loaded with faves like the Sunshine Family, Tree House Tots and Karate Men. Chances are, you'll find an old friend in it's pages. Check it all out here

Popy World Heroes Archive Launches
Popy World Heroes Popy World Heroes were made in 1980 in conjunction with the popularity of Kenner Star Wars Figures, they are 3 3/4" versions of Japan's most popular TV heroes like Ultraman and Kamen Rider. This toy line has been quietly collected and doesn't get enough attention this side of Pacific. I've created this archive to help collectors, any assitance would be appreciated. Check out the Popy World Hero Archive Here..

Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 16
Brick Mantooth Doll Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 16 starts off with an end cap of Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman dolls and then we explore some innovative Barbie displays at a NJ Bambergers store finishing by checking out some regional toy stores now lost to time it's star studded installment with appearances by the Osmonds and Diana Ross! Time travel back with me here..

Mason Reese likes pirate dolls

I recently converted some vintage commercial reels, many I've never seen before like this one where everyone's favourite redhead pimps the Fighting Furies. More like it are now added to our DVD sets check them out at the PlaidStallions store.

The Incredible Dr Steel

I recently converted some vintage commercial reels and this one I've been looking for 35 years, the original commercial for Dr Steel. More like it are now added to our DVD sets check them out at the PlaidStallions store.

Selling My Brick.
Brick Mantooth Doll I have a small amount of boxed Brick Mantooth: The Plaid Stallion dolls ready to go, this is an 8" action figure that comes complete with an outfit and boots in a groovy vintage feel solid box. Seriously, this whole thing wasn't a joke, well it kind of is but it's one that's gone too far. Order yourself a Brick Doll, you totally deserve it!.

1976 Brick Mantooth Commerical Found

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