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Vintage Toy Store Pictures Part Four

vintage toy store pictures

I can honestly say that this has grown into my favourite part of Plaidstallions. I love being able to find shot of long lost toy and hobby retailers and share them with the world.

If you're digging this then please check out Part One, Part Two and Part 3 in this series.

As always if you have pictures of any vintage toy stores you'd like to share, please drop me a line and I'll send you a 70's prize pack for your time

mego superheroes display from 1980

A picture of a Thornberry's store in 1980 shows some toy classics from the 1970's sitting on the shelves, most noticeable the Shogun Warriors, Gabriel Lone Ranger and Mego World's Greatest Superheroes. This picture comes courtesy of Benjamin Holcomb ( who coloured the Superheroes for us) and his amazing book about the Mego Superheroes World's Greatest Toys, the best toy book I own

circus world

Speaking of Mego Superheroes, what's that in the window of this Circus World in 1976?.

Mego Worlds greatest Superheroes

Why it's a Mego Superheroes carrying case and Mr.Myxlptlck doll! Always showcase a toy line with the least popular character folks.

Circus World 2

Another Circus world, this time in glorious colour.

kiddie city

A Kiddie City store circa 1973.

kiddie city

The interior of the same Kiddie City in 1973, I can see a Big Wheel display and what looks like action figures on the endcap. I just want to go back there for five minutes...

1976 toy department

Am unknown toy department from 1976.

Karls toy and Hobby

Karl's Toy Store was a southern California chain of Mall Toy stores with nine locations in 1976. The key to their success seemed to be office supplies which they sold to keep traffic flowing during the off season.

Ghost Gun

This is from a 1973 article about successful merchandising, it suggests that the cowboy theme works well to sell toys. What the old west has to do with Hasbro Ghost Guns and Marx TV Tennis I'll never know....

Ghost Gun

This is Foley's in Houstan TX 1973, I recognize the FIsher Price Barn playset and Barbie Camper on the first two endcaps but what's on the third one?

childworld toy store in 1976

Many people I know have fond memories of Child World toy stores, here is one in 1976..

JL Hudson

This is the toy department of JL Hudson in Ann Arbour Michian circa 1976, if you look closely you can see a display of AMT Star Trek Model kits and the Aurora Superhero Comic Scenes kits in the background.

elmore department stores

Elmore is another long gone chain of department stores that many of us purchased toys from in the past.

3d department stores

I had never heard of the 3D chain of stores before but some folks have mentioned buying toys there.

Please check back for more updates to this section, got any pics you want to share? Drop us a line and let us know