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70's Toy Explosion Volume 2

We've created a second volume of 70s Toy Commercials, all recently  transferred from the original 16 mm reels. The majority of these are from 1979 and from Mego, Mattel and Kenner.

What You Get: One DVD in it's own Case

A collection of PlaidStallions and Megomuseum Trading Cards.

Highlights of the DVD:

Mego Micronauts Hornettroid

Mattel’s Hawaiian Punch Board Game

 Sit N Spin

 Sweetie Face

Elastic Superman and Batman

Hot Wheels 1979

Magnetic Batman and Robin

Kenner Mini Wave

Oven Mattel Godzilla Game

Mego Speed Burners Stunt Set

Mattel Battlestar Galactica Viper Launch Station

Super Star Barbie Fashion Face

 Astro Blast Power Center

Stretch Monster

Barbie Superstar Traveler (with Judy "Dyna Girl" Strangis)

 Mego Buck Rogers Action Figures

 Elastic Hulk and Spiderman

Mego Micronaut Aliens

Mattel Shogun Warriors Godzilla

Mattel Power Shifters
Play-Doh Dr. Drill and Fill

Mego Micronauts Giant Acroyear

Hot Wheels Scorcher Chamber

Shogun Warriors Daimos
Hot Wheels Incredible Hulk Scene Machines Offer

Mego Micronauts Trons
Mattel Thingmaker 2
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion and Colonial Warrior dolls
Mego Fashion Candi Make Up Center
Mattel Baby Grows Up
Star Wars Land of the Jawas Playset
Mattel Sew Perfect
Kenner Alvin the Aardvark
Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter
Kenner Darci Disco
Spider-Man Web of Terror Playset from Hot Wheels

Micronauts Rocket Tubes
Mattel Mork from Ork Dolls’and figures
Mego Speed Burners
Mego Panic Button Board Game
Shipping is $1.60 inn North America, insurance is extra. Elsewhere in the world will pay exact shipping charges. Mexico must pay for courier at full value (sorry been burned by your postal system folks) . I accept Paypal . I will include free 70's toy and Mego museum trading cards with every order. Check out my other auctions for much more rare toy commercials including mego and mattel!

free trading cards

free trading cards with each purchase

$9.95 includes shipping!

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