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70's Toy Explosion Volume 1

We've created this DVD of rare commercials all proffessionally transferred from the original 1970's 16mm copies. These tranfers have never been offered before! A limited amount of these to offset costs of production. DVD includes:

Kenner Stretch Monster (look out Stretch Armstrong! this commercial has a tiny one second glitch, doesn't detract)

Kenner Stretch X Ray

Kenner Bionic Grip Six Million Dollar Man

Kenner Oscar Goldman with Exploding Briefcase

Kenner Maskatron

Mego Action Jackson (60 sec)

Mego Comic Action Heroes Batman exploding bridge playset

Mego CB McHaul (different cut than other DVDs)

Mego 12" Wonder Woman w/ Nubia (click the Youtube link to see the great quality)

Mego 12" Spiderman and Hulk with Fly Away Action

Action Jackson Cycle (intro missing)

Mego Star Trek Command Console

Mego Star Trek Phaser Target Game

Ideal Cake Maker (60 sec)

Fisher Price Little People Airport (60 sec)

Snoopy Tooth Brush

Batman Zellers Commercials from 1988

Mego Eagle Force Toy Fair Presentation Reel From 1981 (2.5 minutes) this was copied from the original Mego Master Tape!

DVD comes packaged in a case with artwork. Picture quality varies from VF to Excellent. Free Plaid Stallions trading cards with every purchase.

free trading cards with each purchase

$9.95 includes shipping!

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