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Fisher Price Adventure Team

Plaidstallions Top Ten Fisher Price Adventure People Sets

The Fisher Price Adventure people were truly the game changers when it came to action figures in the 1970s. Their infectiously fun combination of vehicle and figure were an instant hit with kids when they hit shelves in 1975. Parents liked their non violent play structure and the fact that they appeared to be indestructible.

What's more important was the Adventure people didn't go unnoticed by other toy manufacturers and by the end of the Polyester decade we were literally awash in 3 3/4" goodness.

Here are the top ten Fisher Price Adventure People Sets:

Fisher Price Adventure People

10) Dare Devil Skydiver

This set was minimalist but it actually worked and unlike poop-a-troopers wouldn't completely crap out after an hour of play. I got mine stuck in many a tree but I still have him to this day. Good Times.

Fisher Price Adventure People

9) Air Sea Rescue Helicopter

Ok, there is no way that vehicle could actually fly, infact it looks more like a kid's drawing of a helicopter than a real one. However, this early vehicle was super durable, came with two pilot figures and could occupy a kid for hours.

Fisher Price Adventure People

8) Aero Marine Research Team

Combining a Helicopter with a Submarine is always a safe bet with kids. This set smartly channels some of the popularity of early 70s GI Joe sets by including a squid and a treasure chest. Well done Fisher Price, well done.

Fisher Price Adventure People

7) Daredevil Sport Van

This cool set harkens back to the time when their was a van with a groovy painting in every driveway and includes a motor cross bike, parachute and kiyak. If this was released now it'd be called "the X-TREME Sports Van!" and both of the figures would have barb wire tattoos around their biceps.

Fisher Price Adventure People

6) TV Action Team

I have to admit, I was a little crest fallen when I got this as a kid. For me, it lacked the bold adventure I craved and while I had no umbrage with getting girl figures, the little plastic skirt seemed to be crossing the line. I eventually used this to play Mary Tyler Moore, the older guy was a ringer for Ed Asner, I called the camera man Murray and I just pretended that Pam Grier replaced Mary Tyler Moore.

In hindsight, this was a brilliant idea, all too often we get toys based on action and danger but this one was an interesting career, TV Journalism and it likely inspired many to work in that field.

Fisher Price Adventure People

5) Astro Knight

Rather than just make a simple hanggliding figure (which by the way, worked awesome) Fisher Price chose to go all Star Wars on this toy and it totally works. I personally used to imagine that the Astro Knights were an organization like the Green Lanterns or the Timelords as a kid. I swear I had friends...

Fisher Price Adventure People

4) Sea Explorer

Fisher Price ran this set for years mostly because it was just such a good idea. Two sea explorers, a boat that works and a dolphin that squirts water. I didn't know a kid who had this that didn't use as a land speeder in 1978.

Fisher Price Adventure People

3) Wilderness Patrol

3 Men, their dog and a plane, jeep and boat, two sleeping bags. The highlight of this set were the well made vehicles and the fact that all connected some how. The minute I linked that boat to the plane, my young mind was blown.

Fisher Price Adventure People

2) Alpha Probe

With Star Wars being the all the rage, the Adventure People went to space but they did it their way and created Alpha Probe, a quasi space shuttle loaded with sounds and lights that made the X Wing sound like crap.

Fisher Price Adventure People

1) Wild Animal Safari

One of the earliest sets made, Wild Animal Safari made it under a lot of Christmas trees that year. Itís truly the perfect set, a combination of vehicles, animals and adventure. There isnít a single weapon to be had and there didnít need to be, although one has to assume the Tiger is friendly.

And if you haven't already, Volumes 1-14 are a pile of happiness, click the image for the full gallery.