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1978 Remco Toys Catalog

1978 Remco Toys Header

A smattering of toys from the 1978 Remco offering

In 1978, Remco, a division of Azrak Hamway International, figured out a way to get in on the Superhero action figure business long held onto by their rivals at Mego.

Energized Spiderman was more statue than action figure (most likely due to licensing restrictions) but he was a giant hit in 1978 and the line was greatly expanded in the following year..

The rest of the line up was strongly superhero based, even Mickey Mouse looks like he can kick some ass, the sole girl's offering this year is Jeannie, also a person with on the images for pages with descriptions:

1981 remco catalog
Energized Spider-Man
1981 remco catalog
Spider Copter
1981 remco catalog
Spider-Man CSF

1981 remco catalog
1981 remco catalog
CSF Copters
remco monster figures
Utlity Belts

1981 remco catalog
universal monster toys
Batman Trakk
1981 remco catalog
Jeannie Outfits

1981 remco catalog
Micky Mouse

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