1978 Crazy Foam Catalog

1978 Crazy Foam Catalog

American Aerosol Corporation began selling Crazy Foam in the 1960s but most 70s kids will remember for it the many licenses it had including the DC and Marvel Comics Superheroes. I can honestly remember choosing a tin of Robin Crazy Foam over getting a toy once. You have a pretty powerful product if a kid chooses your soap over a toy.

1978 was an interesting year for Crazy Foam as it saw the introduction of Color Crazy Foam, a new innovation and also introduced were two new licenses in the form of Popeye the Sailor man and TV sensation The Incredible Hulk!


Color was the big deal this year and they even pared back the licensed items to give it more space, I had to settle for boring old white. Not that I complained.



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The stuff sold consistently through to the 1980s.


Can’t decide which character I want to puke on me.

As much as it’s cool to see an original display box of the stuff, it’s a little drab.



Here is my collection, still looking for an original Wonder Woman!


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  • Tony Redman on February 3, 2021

    There was a Crazy Foam commercial that was super annoying. It consisted of this:

    Announcer (yelling) : Crazy Foam!
    Kid (also yelling) : Spider-Man!
    Announcer (still yelling) : Crazy Foam!
    Kid (still also yelling) : Spider-Man!
    Announcer (yelling again) : Crazy Foam!
    Kid (also yelling again) : Spider-Man!

    And that was it. And the picture alternated between the Crazy Foam logo and a pic of the the Crazy Foam Spider-Man container. Did this really happen, or did I imagine it?

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