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Azrak Hamway International Catalog from 1978

As one of the premiere rack toy manufacturers of the 1970s, Azrak Hamway International (most commonly refered to as AHI by collectors) were still going strong with low cost toys based on the hottest licenses from comic books, TV and film.

Thanks to a stranglehold from Kenner, AHI offered no Star Wars product in 1978, however Star Fleet filled that void nicely along with old favourites from Star Trek and Space:1999. The Superheroes were still going strong and AHI had jumped into the spy game by getting the James Bond license.

azrak hamway radio controlled batmobile

Rack Toys the book by Brian heiler now available in digital format

Our best selling book, Rack Toys: Cheap crazed Playthings is a love letter to companies such as AHI, the new expanded edition is now available!

ahi 1978 batman


ahi rc spidercar

The Farrah Fawcett RC Car is new to me as is The Donnie and Marie van, it claims to be a replica so i guess they toured around in this?

AHI 1980 Catalog

AHI 1980 catalog

azrak hamway 1980 Hulk van

I wonder if you have to speak like the Hulk to get the van to work?

ahi 1980 batman

Star Fleet toys were AHI's answer to Star Wars and they were copied right into the early 1990s by various importers.

ahi hulk

This James Bond car is quite difficult to get now and when it does pop up, it's "mortgage payment' expensive.

AHI 1980 Catalog

AHI 1980 catalog

azrak hamway 1980

Disney was a big get for AHI Remco in the late 70s.

AHI 1980 catalog

1978 saw the addition of sling shots to the famous AHI Parachute figures, making it much easier for them to be lost on trees and rooftops.

azrak hamway 1980

I had a short relationship with the Batman stunt plane but it was glorious!

AHI 1980 Catalog

AHI 1980 catalog

Note the Space:1999 "The Alien" car (which was never from Space:1999) is now repackaged for Star Fleet. AHI's Batmobile was a powerful staple.

AHI 1978 catalog Hulk Van

Spider-Man had an ambitious fleet of vehicles rival to Batman's at AHI.

AHI 1978 catalog Star Fleet

The idea of Spider-Man going down the highway with a boat on a trailer brings me unending joy.

AHI 1978 catalog James Bond 007

Those wind up sparkling monsters are a very happy memory for yours truly. Dinosaur my butt, that's Godzilla!

AHI 1978 catalog lost in space

Space:1999 items were continued to be sold probably due to Star War's popularity. AHI's James Bond rack toy line seems to have been only available for a single year.

AHI 1978 catalog

AHI was originally a company that produced pool inflatables, so the bop bags are some of the earliest products.

AHI 1978 catalog MASH

I have never seen a M*A*S*H transmitter set in all my years of collecting.

AHI 1978 catalog sweathogs

The Marvel comics viewers and cassettes look great and have beautiful card art (Ms. Marvel!) no clue if they ever got made.

AHI 1978 catalog joker racing set

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