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Mattel Shogun Warriors in Italy

Mattel Shogun Warriors 1979

Mattel sold the popular SHogun Warriors brand around the world and in Italy in 1979, it was simply known as "Shogun".

The popular line even had the forsight to introduce cartoon characters popular in Italy at the time..

Mattel Shogun Warriors

Goldrake was sold in Italy and in France as "Golderak" because the show played in French Canada, the figure saw limited release in the Quebec market as well.

Mattel Shogun Warrior

Hey, even a diecast Goldrake.

Mattel Shogun Warrior

The beauty of Hot Wheels are these detailed track environments they made for the cars, never had Thundershift 500 here (had to settle for boring orange race track) but I'm sure I circled it on more than one wish list.

Mattel Shogun Warriors

This is the only Battlestar Galactica piece in the '79 Mattel italy catalog, maybe the show hadn't been released yet? I don't know..

More Heroes in Action

I buy Lincoln and tomland monster figures