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Mattel Hot Wheels 1975

Mattel HotWheels 1975

Mattel launched the HotWheels brand in 1968 and the free wheeling 1:64 scale muscle cars became a household world by the early 1970s.

By 1975, the brand was doing what it does best, creating great looking cars and complicated racing playsets, a formula they still use today.

Mattel Hot Wheels

I recognize some old friends in there.

Mattel Hot Wheels

Flying Colors was the big push for '75.

Mattel Hot Wheels

The beauty of Hot Wheels are these detailed track environments they made for the cars, never had Thundershift 500 here (had to settle for boring orange race track) but I'm sure I circled it on more than one wish list.

Mattel Hot Wheels

Cut Off Canyon looks like it'd be fun for kids, even today.

Heroes in Action Display

A vintage Hot Wheels store display from 1976, want to see more? Check out our Vintage Toy Store Gallery

More Heroes in Action

I buy Lincoln and tomland monster figures