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Vintage Lingerie Catalog Part 3

Despite not vowing to never touch one of these again, the fact that three years after the fact Vintage Lingerie remains our most highly trafficked feature ever, we felt the need to present a third installment of a crusty old lingerie catalog. Enjoy it while I wash my hands indefinitely:

Starting out softly, we have some (IMO) damn fine swimsuit photos.

This is pretty much what i pictured when I closed my eyes from about 1983-1992.

The illustrations here kind of look about 25% skankier than the Sears Catalog will allow but still couldn't touch Nanny Dickering, Vampirella or Lilith daughter of Dracula. I am a discerning connoisseur of the illustrated ladies. .

These couples look like they belong in a comic book you'd find under your dad's mattress...

(c) looks like everybody's favourite drunk aunt! "Out in the Open" and ruining your next ten family functions! You can almost hear her yelling "Oh Lighten Up" as her ashy Virginia Slim narrowly misses a toddler's eye.

The Carol Channing look actually caused less children to be born in 1974.


"What's that lady in pink? You want me to kill for you? It will be done my crochet wearing goddess...."

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