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Star Wars Vehicles

x wing fighter by kenner

The real reason Kenner made the figures 3 3/4" was to sell us kids higher price point vehicles, what can I say other than "Thank You Kenner"! I had pretty much every vehicle of this first wave, the primitive light and sound seemed real high tech back then but wouldn't even be found on a dollar store toy today.

tie fighter from kenner

I got the tie fighter for my eighth birthday, my mom marched me down to the local shoprite to get it, I remember they were clearancing the Comic Action Heroes Batmobiles and I almost waffled. I then proceded to completely screw up the stickers on this thing which bothered me for the next four years.

landspeeder from kenner

The Landspeeder was really innovative and one of my favourites, it really looked like it was floating if you squinted, the droids always fell off the back but who cared?

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