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Star Wars Death Star Play set

Death Star Play Set by kenner

Possibly one of the most overused toys in my room, the Death Star pretty much captivated me as a kid with it's levels, trap doors, elevator and wonderful, wonderful trash compacter. Which is the only thing that survived my childhood. It may have been my favourite because I never really had a playset before, I don't know but man was I hooked on them after this, it carried onto my adulthood and ate up most of my space.

Death Star Play Set by kenner

Han and Chewie look seriously screwed in that picture, Vader is on top of them Saber drawn and they're stuck in a doorway like the Three Stooges..

lightsabers from kenner

Lightsabers have always been popular, it's amazing how much of this stuff is still sold today in form or another. Note that on this page Luke has been airbrushed to be holding that saber, I'm such a geek to have noticed that.

 from kenner

Diecast vehilces were something every kid had to have eventhough you had the larger versions.

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