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Lone Ranger Action Figure Archive

Gabriel Lone Ranger action figure archive

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Gabriel's Lone Ranger line of toys is one of the best the seventies had to offer. Taking a page from G.I Joe, Gabriel offered a large assortment of Adventures for the masked lawman and his faithful Indian companion that made the line an instant classic. Thanks to super collector Bill Frost, we have a dazzling assortment of Lone Ranger items to look at, many are UK editions hence the Marx Logo. If you have anything to add that you don't see here, please drop us a line!.

 gabriel lone ranger figure gallery

Figure Archive a gallery of each Lone Ranger figure and their many packaged variants, quite a little universe of characters.

 gabriel lone ranger horse gallery

Horse Archive Silver, Scout and their extensive packaging variants.

 gabriel lone ranger figure gallery

Outfit Archive Gabriel made a dozen cool outfits and disguises for the Lone Ranger and Tonto

 gabriel lone ranger figure gallery

Adventure Sets Archive The many outstanding adventures you could have for your Lone Ranger figures.

 gabriel lone ranger figure gallery

Play Sets Archive Like all good action figure lines, the Lone Ranger had some incredible environments in which to play. From the gigantic Carson City to the European released wooden sets, these items carried the same standard of quality represented throughout the line.

Click Here to see the 1976 Gabriel Lone Ranger Catalog

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