Ever since I timidly watched the Omega Man from behind a couch one Sunday afternoon, I have been hooked on Post Nuke or as my friend Chris calls them, Wasteland movies.

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That's a good thing because the 1980's were a cornucopia of these things, both good and bad. I learned to appreciate them no matter what but I loved the Italian ones the best.

That's why I love this boxed set, it's nothing but piles and piles of pure "Spaghetti Apocalypse", three features finally on DVD for a smoking price, here are the features:

2019: After the Fall of New York-

My favourite of the set, hero "Parsifal" (Why do these guys always have names like this?) who is a poor man's Snake Plissken as he takes on a mission through a destroyed New York (They baked the Big Apple! as one character says) to find the only fertile woman.

Parsifal must survive rats, Harlem hunters and the evil Eurak army (guys in weird costumes on horseback with crossbow ray guns). I love every cheesy minute of this movie, the extras seem to include interviews. The quality is top notch but the film still has some really bad cuts and the model of New York has to be seen!

What is really charming about this film is the addition of the character "Big Ape" and his gypsy clothed gang of gorilla men, you never get an explaination if these are evolved Apes or mutant humans. Whatever the case it gives the film a wonderful "Kamandi" vibe.

1990 The Bronx Warriors If you've ever seen the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 presentation of "Escape from the Bronx" and been lost, it's because you haven't seen the first one.

Bronx Warriors doesn't really seem to be post nuke but I could be wrong, it's one of those decay of society type things where gang leader "Trash" protects a socialite from her corrupt father.

Vic Morrow and Fred Williamson co star, the film is definitely a cross between Mad Max and the Warriors. Especially the over the top gangs, some are even a crew of tap dancers (!) well, worth a look. The sequel is just as fun.

The New Barbarians

is probably my least favourite but it's mostly because of my own nerdiness. Fred Williamson leads the fight against an evil warlord in the wastelands of 2019 ( a popular year)

I'm always bothered that people, after a nuclear war, manage to have big pompadours, shiny white outfits and brand new gleaming death machines. Still I guess it's part of the fun. The hair as mentioned is laughable and the story is that familiar "group of misfits" fight an "Evil Warlord" that goes back to Seven Samurai.

Final Verdict, three laughable and fun post nuke films for $6 each. You can argue quality all day long but not the entertainment value.


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