Toy-Ventures 6: Star Blazers toys by Nomura

Toy-Ventures 6: Star Blazers toys by Nomura

This week’s installment of Toy-Ventures is all about the amazing action figure line based on the Television series we knew as “Star Blazers”. 

I get into my personal love of this series and why this is the toyline I wish I could have had as a kid. 

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  • Seventiesfan on February 7, 2019

    I never missed Star Blazers when it aired here on weekday mornings in the late 1970's. And I know what you mean about reconnecting with a childhood friend. Recently I reconnected with a cousin I hadn't heard from in a long time, and we talked a lot about old times. I'm glad we were able to do that before it was too late, because now it is.

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