1977 Mattel Welcome Back Kotter Catalog

The popularity of the sitcom “Welcome Back Kotter” inspired all kinds of merchandising including these 9″ figures from Mattel, the line was a bit of a flop, and carded figures can still be affordably priced today (especially the Horshak!)     The Sweathogs classroom playset included a record of catchphrases from the show, which I […]

Sweathogs Classroom

I wish more records were included with playsets, I think it adds a neat quality.  New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Groovy Stuff for Sweat Hogs

“The official “Welcome Back Kotter” leather accessories kit bag will make you the most popular girl in school Eileen” whispered the Vinny Barbarino in her head… Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

1977 Fleetwood Toys Catalog

Fleetwood toys was one of the biggest and most prolific manufacturers of Rack Toys during the 1970s and 80s. In 1977, they were truly on top of their game as evidenced by the massive amount of licenses they had this year including the Marvel Comics Superheroes, Welcome Back Kotter, Starsky and Hutch, The Rookies, SWAT, Tarzan, the […]

Sweathogs Action Bank

“OK, so instead of a skeleton grabbing the coins and dragging it back to it’s coffin, we have a creepy two headed Juan Epstein dragging it back to a box? Brilliant! Get those into production!”- A very drunk toy executive in 1975. More Fun from Fleewood Our new book Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings covers […]

Sweathog Balls

Made you look! Oh the carefree days of smacking Gabe Kaplan’s face against a wall or playing handlawrencehiltonjacobs with friends. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and get three free promotional post cards.

Guitars of the Stars

The good people at Hakes Americana have a new auction running and this time there is a weath of licensed guitars, some very logical like this ShaNaNa model above and some that are a little more absurd but fun. More photos after the jump: Did the Sweathogs ever pick up instruments? It doesn’t matter, as […]

Welcome Back?

I’m always amused/horrified at some of the leaps that manufacturers took to capitilize on “Sweathog mania” in the mid seventies. Much of this stuff was on clearance until the early 1990s until it became collectible and washed up at toyshows all of a sudden. Take into consideration this desk set created by Azrak Hamway (AHI) […]

Pulsar, Sweathogs, Space:1999 and Shogun Warriors

The feature this friday is the boys action figure lines in the 1977 Mattel Catalog. It would be a great year for the toy giant, with the release of homegrown organic Superhero Pulsar and the imported Shogun Warriors line. Mattel also continued with TV licensing including the Sweathogs of Welcome Back Kotter and a second […]