5 Awesome Things on eBay this Week

Dr Shrinker Halloween Costume– I really want this, nobody bid on this k? Also remind me when it’s about to end?     Knock Off Water Pistol– Not only am I getting ROM Spaceknight vibes off the guy on the header card but that’s a recycled AHI Hulk watergun, this thing is full of easter […]

Marvel Water Pistols

 I expect to see Spider-Man and Cap, bonus points for Sgt Fury despite it being a German pistol but Kid Colt Outlaw? That has to be one of his only pieces of merchandise ever. I don’t remember him packing a Saturday night special but whatevs… Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Squirt gun fever

While generic, I find the art work on these water pistols completely captivating. A lot of effort went into their look and Pop Art is completely missing from our current Rack Toy experience. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and […]

Cheap 23rd Century Goodness

I got a lot of great feedback on the recent Azrak Hamway toy galleriesIncluding a ton of submissions from friends, so much so that I’ll be spinning off some of the material into additional galleries. Today, I thought I’d focus on some of the AHI Star Trek stuff my pal Bill sent me. These Phaser […]

Squirt me!

This funky 1977 Water Pistol Catalog from Barton really surprised me, I couldn’t believe how many of these I had. The Green Avenger was not only something I had but I later realised my Dad sold them!“Purple Pocket Pumper” is the greatest and creepiest toy name ever. Is that Alex from Clockwork Orange on the […]