Vintage Halloween Pics Round up

At the beginning of October I put out the call for your vintage Halloween costume photos and brother, did you respond with your wood paneled goodness like this photo from Jason above. To be honest, putting them all together became a daunting task, however, that’s a good problem to have. An incredible vintage costume explosion […]

A Halloween Force

Star Wars pretty much dominated my Halloween experiences from ’78 to ’82, I can’t be alone on this. Vader, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett and Yoda were my choices as a kid.

Star Wars….exclusively at Sears

While I personally don’t remember the Rebel Command Center (which surprises me) I do recall the weird loyalty you had to have to Sears in order to “collect” Star Wars figures as a kid. Sears wasn’t close to our house, so I’d have to tag along with my mum to get groceries or other mundane […]

Toy Hit Parade July 1978

Ever been kept up late at night wondering what were the hottest selling TV Advertised toys of July 39 years ago? Well sleep well my friends! What a surprise, Star Wars. I had much bigger plans for Friday but I’m currently battling a nasty virus, enjoy!

Super Friends go all Galactic!

My pal Chris found this toy hunting recently, I don’t know it’s origins but I know it’s probably from 1978.  it kind of reminds me about how “Galactic” the Super Friends got during this period in time, it seemed like every week they were in space fighting a guy with a “laser sword”.  Anybody know […]

Fake Vader

I have no idea who Crowd Pleasers is but I can only imagine they were not officially licensed by Lucasfilm and probably made a fortune doing this. Love Darth’s Kenner blaster, just like he never used. This is the perfect type of photo I’m seeking for my next book project Mall of Justice, a love letter to […]

Star Wars sale at Osco

Another newspaper line illustrated gem, this one from Osco. I never had the Star Destroyer Playset but recently discovered some collectors I know have this weird hate on for it. Was it a disappointing toy?

The Kenner Empire

It was around this time as a kid that I realized that I could never, ever “Collect Them All” when it came to Star Wars. Not that I had everything made leading up to this point but there was probably some child like naivete that I could catch up somehow. Fortunately for me, I was […]