Toy-Ventures : Summer Pick-ups!

Rather than a focused subject, this week we just look at what a summer of flea markets, toy shows, and networking can get you as I talk about the stuff I picked up over the summer.  Hosted and edited by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions)   PlaidStallions Facebook Page   Plaidstallions facebook group  Twitter: @plaidstallions   Subscribe to […]

Toy-Ventures 23: Star Trek Utility Belt by Remco

This week we talk about Remco and it’s long-running relationship with the Star Trek brand. The weird toys of the 1960s and the much more detailed items produced by the second incarnation of Remco. Please hit like and subscribe for the new Toy-Venture each week. Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube channel […]

Toy-Ventures 17: Mr. Rock from Lincoln International

The subject of this weeks Toy-Ventures is one of the most notorious and hilarious knock-off action figures from the 20th century, Mr. Rock the outer space adventurer from Lincoln International. With his flare gun and pink transistor radio, Mr. Rock is set for his intergalactic mission of confusing parents and disappointing children across the galaxy.  […]

Ray-Line Star Trek Tracer Gun Sell Sheets

Not only did I have a lot of fun with these as a kid (probably still disks in the carpet of my old house) but as a teen, I would trade the abundant overstock found in every toy store in Canada during the 1980s to trade for cool toys with US dealers. I love you […]

ERTL Star Trek 3 Klingon Prototype Found!

I’ve talked about the ERTL Star Trek 3 figures before and I especially love this press photo of the handmade mockups. While the Kirk, Spock and Scottie are obviously repainted Mego The Motion Picture figures, I always wondered what the Klingon figure was.  Well, today I got that answer, more after the jump: Recently I […]

Star Trek Pajama promotion

The idea of promoting “Star Trek The Motion Picture” with pajamas is kind of loaded, the film almost put me to sleep as a kid and the crew looked like they were all in their pajamas, so it’s a bit of a comedy goldmine. Thanks to my friend Corey, we get an amazing glimpse at […]

Pod Stallions 63: Convention Stories

The last PodStallions we did was so much fun, we rushed back to do another, look at us being proactive! This week’s show is all about conventions and toy shows. We explore our humble first conventions (which were mind blowing to us then) and eventually get all the way to modern tales of San Diego […]

The First Star Trek Action Figure

Something that didn’t get mentioned in the recent “The Toys That Made us” was the first Star Trek action figure wasn’t of Kirk or Spock it was of Janice Rand? This Japanese toy line is something I’ve seen in small black and white catalogs since I was a teenager but at the recent MegoMeet celebration […]

More Star Trek Shirts by Donmoor

If you read this blog regularly, you know i have a fairly healthy obsession with the children’s Star Trek line of clothing made in the 1970s by a company called “Donmoor”. This past weekend at MegoMeet, I ran into my friend and fellow Donmoor enthusiast Corey who had some new ones like the Kirk above that […]

Another Vintage Star Trek Towel

A continuation from my “Star Trek Towel Day” post a couple of years back, here is another from Corey’s collection, a stunning illustration of Kirk and Spock here. Apparently, there is more to be discovered as well, can’t wait.