Plaidstallions 3rd Annual Retro Toy Fair

Ha, three years with the same graphic! It’s that time of year ago again where I use the American Toy Fair as an excuse to delve into articles and items from previous Toy Fairs. This year I plan to jump around a bit and focus on no specific year and also there will be hopefully […]

More Scenes from Toy Fair 1975

This is the Hasbro booth for 1975, that’s the suer awesome G.I Joe Skyhawk zooming over these gentleman’s heads. From left to right they are Jim Camilleri, Jack Kipperman and Merril Hassenfeld, the man who put the H in Hasbro. Neat! 1976 Hasbro G.I. Joe Catalog B. Goldberg and J. Romain are off the see […]