Land of the Giants Space Sled

Who doesn’t remember the episode of Land of the Giants where the puppets of Gerry Anderson’s Supercar came and saved the Spindrift crew? Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

1976 Child World Toy Flyer :Space:1999: Mego Superheroes

Man, do we have something wonderful this Friday, an original Child World Toy Flyer straight from November 1976. If you’re a fan of this site, this is going to be a real treat as it features all the hits, Mego Star Trek, Mattel Space:1999, Kenner Stretch Armstrong, Mego Cher, LJN SWAT, Hasbro Weebles, Ideal Evel […]

BIG Toys Week: Earthquake Tower by Remco

I think this is one of the more infamous toys we’ve ever discussed on PlaidStallions. Remco sought to cash in on the Irwin Allen disaster movie craze (but not pay for it) by creating this playset that emulates a massive earthquake hitting a tower.  Earthquakes are real events, unlike King Kong or Godzilla attacks, the […]

Random SuperHero merchandise from 1980

Here are a few random pages from the 1980 Pedigree Toys catalog from the UK, being 9 at the time I can honestly say I WANTED ALL OF THIS! I had a special love for the Remco utility belts.   Please add a long life obsession with the Remco Batcopter to my life long list. OK, I […]

Crystar: Crystal Warrior

Crystar is pretty bittersweet for me as it’s possibly the last action figure I ever purchased as a kid, I was in the last few weeks of being 12 and the winds of change were blowing.  I still think they were neat. See the 1983 Remco Catalog here. Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram […]

McActionfigures : More Fun than Burgers

My local Eaton’s growing up had a huge McDonaldland display that looked just like this in a cube in the middle of their toy department. I recall being kind of in awe of the diorama but it couldn’t compete with Big Jim, Bulletman or the Mego Superheroes in my five year old brain. I was later […]