1978 Father’s Day Catalog –

What better way to celebrate the day of the dad than with this 1978 Father’s Day Catalog from Eatons? Escape with me to a time when dads had bushy mustaches and a strong scent of pipe tobacco and Old Spice. This catalog has everything a 70’s dad could want, it’s got all the ties, underwear, […]

Mother-Daughter jumpsuits in double knit polyester

I am going back in time to the 90s, starting a band and calling it “Mother-Daughter jumpsuits in double knit polyester”. See you at Woodstock ’94 suckas! New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Mantique : A new name for terror

How does one market some of the oddest, unflattering ensembles ever put to thread? By giving them the worst, slightly homoerotic name ever. Feast your eyes ladies and gents on someone looking to get fired. Seriously, this would be a good time to close up shop here at PS, I’ve discovered attrocities for six years […]

Future Funk

Transported into 1975, Doctor Finger and his associate Professor Lovechild have only one mission : Protect the Bar-Kays at all costs!

Be Seeing You!

“Run! The Bass player from the Hives is a giant!”These Sears kind of look like uniforms from a 70’s reluanch of the Prisoner televions series.Source: Sears 1977

A Tribute to Bad 70’s Fashion

Who doesn’t love a clip show? After more than a year and a half of blogging about polyester, it seemed fitting to put together a “Greatest Hits” packageof some of the bigger fashion attrocities of the 1970’s. Thanks of course, to the good catalogs at Aldens, JC Penney, Sears and Wards.So check out the best […]