Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins

Turning the reins over to my buddy Matt today, who provided not only the photos but the prose as well. Take it away Matt! These are the wonderful, magnificent, Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins. Mold-A-Rama first appeared in the mid-60s, and was a staple of the Museum and Zoo experience for lucky kids in the 60s, […]

Glass Lite Dracula from Brazil

One of my favourite monster toys of late is this tremendously quirky 1980s action figure made in  Brazil by the famous (to Star Wars collectors) Glasslite toy company. Glasslite simply released the single 3 3/4″ Dracula, no other monsters appear on the card and he’s a pretty sweet figure but that’s not the best part.   (Photo […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Horror

Horror (1982), World Publishers          It’s weird to be doing a Colouring Book Theatre on a Friday but this October and this is one of the coolest colouring books I’ve ever found. I discovered this in a shop called Planet of Stuff and bought it unopened mainly because it had Peter Cushing as […]

Mego Mad Monsters Love

I adore the Mego Mad Monsters, it’s definitely in my top five all time Monster toy lines (which I’ll speak more about this month). While Mego didn’t get the Universal license, they created a really crazy series of generic Monster figures that even glow in the dark! Here’s Mego Dracula and the Mummy in their […]

Pressman Movie/TV “Monster Make Up”

It’s October and that means the Halloween content flows like fake blood around here.  To all of you who had this wonderful set as a kid, please let it be known I’m still a little envious of you. These kinds of items always intrigued me in the back of magazines and comics but I never […]

Pod Stallions Episode 23: Monster Movies

As we are both lovers of Monster Cinema or some call it “Creature Features” it makes sense for J and B to count down their top ten favourite Monster movies. By favourite, we do not mean “best” or greatest, just our personal favourites. Our top tens vary wildly which makes for an interesting discussion, Jason […]

Amazing Chan Monster Target Set

‘ My pal Matt sent me this photo and I have to say, I’m a l’il jealous of this killer monster themed rack toy. While a licensed toy (based on the Saturday morning antics of Charlie Chan) it’s also got a some copyright infringement going on in regards to it’s targets. Ahem, those gentlemen look familiar, […]