Oddly familiar giant gorilla

I found pretty trashed copy of the 1977 Multiple Toymakers catalog recently and the things that really struck me were these obvious King Kong Knock off sets. Both were marketed under the brand “Terror on the Tower”. This looks exactly like a set Mego made for the real Kong movie and I now really want […]

King Kong Needs Directions

Zachary sent in this cool shot that has to be from 1977, seeing as it was the height of “Kong Mania”. He tells me he’s not sure why he’s giving Kong directions in downtown Manhattan but it sure makes for a terrific photo. Hey, “The Song Remains The Same” is playing! Send us your Mall […]

Imitation Kong Radio

Oh how the unlicensed Gorilla stuff just came pouring out of everywhere in 1977. I’m pretty sure I didn’t own one piece of licensed Kong Merchandise (most of which was made by Mego) but had plenty of this generic stuff. Those beer can radios are another thing that children today will never know of…

Colouring Book Theatre : Giant Apes

Three guesses as to what inspired this book. I’ll give you a hint, it was a movie starring Jeff Bridges and King Kong.This is by Treasure Books and has art by Dell Comics alumni Tony Tallarico (when have you ever seen credit in a colouring book?) This is another from my childhood, I guess never […]