Super Shirts!

OK, even though this is 1977 there are a few of these I would wear now especially Frankenstein and that weirdly smug Captain America.

Mego 12 Inch Superheroes

As I prepare for this week’s Mego Meet Toy Show this weekend, I thought it would be cool to showcase this awesome catalog from the United Kingdom. Pedigree Toys began distributed the Mego Toy Lines in the late 1970s and did a knock out job with the 12″ Superheroes, more pages after the jump! I […]

1981 Parkes Run Colouring Book Catalog

Hey remember those big colouring books you got on birthdays and Christmas? They were done by a company called Parkes Run and they made a lot of cool licensed stuff using licenses like Superman the movie, Popeye, Peanuts and the Marvel comics characters! Adult Colouring books are the all rage right now but I’d settle […]

Ideal Spider-Man Make up Kit

I have to applaud Ideal Toys for spinning the monster makeup kit concept to Superheroes and not just including Hulk and Spider-Man but the Thing as well as  being smart enough to include She-Hulk and Spider-Woman on the box.

Funstuf Monsters!

I am not sure why I don’t own a Funstuf Frankenstein. This catalog is from the UK, where they decided to pass on Dracula for some odd reason… 1980 Funstuf Catalog