PlaidStallions Book Reviews and a Contest

  A couple of fantastic publications have crossed my path recently that really brought me some joy, considering the year we’re having, I figured I should share. The Wonderful World of Wax Wrappers By Jason Young I love books about collectibles and I’m especially drawn to ones that are stuff I remember fondly but don’t […]

Topps Shock Theatre Trading Cards

I’m not a huge gum card guy but Monster cards are an obvious exception that’s why this set of cards sent in by Matt make me smile, I’ll let him explain: Given the fact that the great Christopher Lee passed away this last year, I could think of nothing more fitting than this for my […]

Bubble Funnies

My friend found these while we were on a flea market run and I gotta admit I was totally envious. I haven’t thought of these bubble gum and mini comic book combos in 30 years but seeing them just made me happy.  I now have to track down every one of these and Chu-Bops (the […]