Gre-Gory: Big Bad Vampire Bat by Mattel

It finally happened, I got my hands on a Gre-Gory. After posting my disappointment ten years ago (ulp!) I found a good deal on one and decided to take the plunge. More photos after the jump and my observations as I have never seen or held one of these in my life. My first impression […]

Monsters For Christmas

This is another personal favourite and should come as no surprise, I like monsters. This page with personal favourites the Remco Monsters and my personal “White Whale” Gre-Gory brings a tear to me eye… Want more Remco toys in your diet? Click the Linkage below: .

PodStallions Episode 10: Glows in the Dark (Monster Toys)

Our second October episode, Jason and Brain try to cram in as many monster toys as they can into an hour and a half.  Aurora model kits, Marvel comics, action figures by Tomland, Remco and Lincoln International get discussed as does Cracked magazine, Power Records, the number of times we rented “LifeForce” on VHS (I’ve […]

Mattel Creepy Feature Promotion

I recently came across this promotional folder from Mattel full of different concepts for stores to boost sales of (duh) Mattel Toys. The one that most interested me was the Halloween specific teaming of Suckerman, Gre-Gory and Krusher into an end cap called the “Creepy Feature”. While I’m 100% sure this never made it to […]