Colouring Book Theater: Valley of the Dinosaurs

Valley of the Dinosaurs I haven’t done a CBT at all this year, so I’m glad I found this book whilst visiting the groovy retro store Planet of the Stuff two weeks back. I remember this show well as a kid, mostly because to me it seemed like an animated knock off version of my beloved […]

Colouring Book Theatre: The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back I found this book rummaging around in Comic Alley Toys a while back, I never had any of the colouring books past the Star Wars one I reviewed here so it was all new to me. The thing I most remember about Star Wars colouring books was the proof of purchase […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Bugs Bunny meets the Superheroes

Bugs Bunny Meets the Superheroes Souvenir Book This is one of the happier finds I’ve had this year, not only do I collect memorabilia from this mid 1970s stage show but it’s a coloring book to boot. If that wasn’t enough, this item teaches me a little bit about the show itself which is good because […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Gerry Anderson’s UFO

UFO colouring book (Unknown Publishing) Anyone who has read this blog might know that I am more than a little obsessed with this short lived SF series from the UK. While this Gerry Anderson show enjoyed popularity world wide, it seemed to really catch on in Japan where its vehicles and colourful cast still enjoy […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Space:1999

Space: 1999 cut and colour book Saalfield 1975 I can’t believe that I’ve never done a Space:1999 colouring book theater before now. My nostalgia for this series in the mid eighties is the thing that lead me into toy collecting in the first place, so you can say that the foundation of the site is […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Doctor Who (part 3)

I loves me some classic Who merchandise, so I was pretty thrilled to find this colouring book from World. Unlike the Pertwee one I looked at a while back, this one suffers from that kind of earth tone ruddiness that a lot of Tom Baker merchandise has, it’s kind of morose and reminds me of […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Doctor Who Press Out Book

‘Doctor Who Press Out Book” by World It’s been entirely too long since I did a colouring book theatre, this is mostly due to laziness as I’ve actually got some material kicking around. This fine book was gifted to me by Ray Miller, who runs the cool Micronauts fan group Micropolis Embassy. The punch outs […]

Colouring Book Theatre :Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster

‘Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster” by Resource Publishers I think every child of the 1970s at least remembers Stretch Armstrong. I’ve relayed my own childhood experience with the big guy several times here. Also, Stretch Monster is the vintage toy I just seem unable to own, I’ve tried for like 20 years to get my hands […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom

‘Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom” by Whitman Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom will forever remind me of Sunday afternoons at my grandparents in that wasteland of TV that limited channels brought you in the 1970s. It was an oasis between Lawrence Welk and golf. Oddly I am obsessed with Lawrence Welk shows now. Even as a […]

The Best of Colouring Book Theatre

While I have a new batch of colouring books on the way, they’re not here yet so let’s phone it in and do a clip show citing the highs and lows of reviewing materials for no real good reason. Grab your crayons and follow me after the jump: Most Cringeworthy Hands down, the winner would […]