The Mego Black Hole Cereal Promotion

I joined ebay in 1997, since then like clock work, i have searched “Black Hole” and “Shreddies” in hope of finding this item. Recently on one boring Tuesday morning, there it was with a Buy It Now price that was so agreeable, it still makes me smile. Sure it’s an empty cereal box but to […]

The 1980 Marx UK Black Hole Toy Catalog

The 1979 Disney sci fi spectacular “The Black Hole” didn’t quite become the next Star Wars but the film did make an impression on a lot of us until the Empire Strikes back made us forget all about it.  The merchandising bonanza lead by Mego was particularly memorable. In the UK, the brand was handled by Louis Marx […]


Click for a larger view. Cryotron is a spacey action figure case offered by Sears Canada in their epic 1980 catalog. I’m not sure who made it and I never had one but I remember it mostly because I stared at the page it was on for a LONG time as a kid. It’s one […]

Pod Stallions Episode 7: Battle Beyond the Star Wars

Originally we were going to do our Empire Strikes Back show but then realized that discussion of all the other Sci Fi properties of the late 1970s would have left us with a four hour show. So, Episode 7 lovingly talks about all those “other” SF movies of the disco era from the feety pajamas […]

The Black Hole Gun

As promised to Jason in our upcoming episode of Pod Stallions, I’ve finally scanned this and put it on the blog for the world to see. While Disney had a ban on guns in the US (Mego couldn’t give their Black Hole characters weapons) it didn’t stop UK distributor Marx from attempting to produce a […]

The Black Hole Breakfast

This should almost be a Nerd Therapy Session but I’m so nostalgic for this time, that I can’t throw it under that bus. You see, when the Disney Sci Fi epic “The Black Hole” came out, I was that kid who thought it better than Star Wars, it just struck a nerve with me. Most likely […]

Colouring Book Theatre: The Black Hole

Here’s a colouring book from my past that I found reasonably priced at an antique mall of all places.Books like this are the reason I’m such a big fan of this Disney Sci Fi epic, around the release date I got sick, “scare your parents” sick and was given a huge poly bag of Black […]

1980 Aladin Lunchbox Catalog

Few things say “Back to School” more than a shiny new lunch box, especially one from Aladin who made really striking items over the decades. This catalog is the best of what the fall of 1980 had to offer, classic monsters, oodles of Superheroes, Good Robots, Bad Robots, Muppets and Men from the 25th Century! […]

The Cardboard Black Hole

I found this ad in a Canadian Toy Trade Magazine so I’m not sure if the toy itself ever got made. If it did, I must own it as it is full of win. I’ve mentioned it before but I love the Black Hole, maybe even more than Star Wars. Probably because it’s weirder and […]