Battle of the Planets Card Game

As space is so limited around here (kind of like money) I tend to not buy a lot of Battle of the Planets stuff these days,  unless it’s a) Cheap and b) features Zoltar or his Spectra goons. This Japanese card game checked both of those boxes, it’s got my favourite transgendered villain on the […]

Gatchaman Stamp Set

For some reason I was really chuffed to discover that Japan not only likes cheap-o rack toys but that they even get the exact same kind. This little set has little stamps of the phoenix, Mark and Zoltar, it would have so easy to put this on an english card and market this to us […]

Space Shark

Man, I loves me some copyright infringing knock offs and Space Shark here is a triple play! The front featuring Mark from “Battle of the Planets” getting an assist by the Argo from “Star Blazers” neither which tie into the shark motif very well but rest assured…. Space Jaws is on the side panel! What […]

Those Other World’s Greatest Superheroes

   There was a time in my younger days where I was absolutely obsessed with these guys. Made by Japanese toy maker Popy, these 8″ figures were meant to fit in with Mego Superheroes (which Popy also supplied in Japan). That 8″ Mark from “Battle of the Planets” is the toy we deserved as kids. […]

Pod-Stallions Episode 17: Transmute!

Episode 17 is a benchmark for us, as it’s our first guest and that guest is comics legend Alex Ross. Alex joins us to talk about a favourite subject of both Jason and Brian, the animated series Battle of the Planets. We discuss our earliest memories of the show, it’s origins, merchandise, further iterations, how […]


We just wrapped our Battle of the Planets episode of PodStallions (which launches this Friday) and I was reminded of one of my favourite pieces of merchandise this little magnetic 1-Rover-1. This and a matching 7 Zark 7 (which i don’t own) have l’il magnets in them to add to the play. The back of […]

1978 Popy Toys Catalog

Oh Japan, how i love thee.  The Popy Toy Corporation is not terribly well known to North Americans but their influence definitely had an impact on us. In 1978, they had a tremendouse amount of cool licenses such as Gatchaman (Known to us as Battle of the Planets), Starzinger (which we called Spaceketeers) and your […]

Savvy sites for a Saturday

This past week I was sent links to two sites that promptly took a couple of hours out of my day, any site that does that deserves accolade.  It’s cold and raining where I am and maybe it is where you are so let’s showcase them in the hopes of brightening your day. It’s all about toy aliens and cartoon […]

Gordy Toys wants you to play with “Hulk Putty”

Another player in the world of Rack Toys was Henry Gordy International, who specialized in somewhat generic impulse items with licensed appearance. Among their staples is my new favourite thing mostly because I’m immature: The “Ball Blaster” would indeed be an effective crime deterrent even Lex Luthor himself would think twice.The primary licenses used here […]

Battle of the Planets Rack Toys

American kids kind of got the shaft when it came to “Battle of the Planets’ merchandise, a board game, some models and these generic rack toys by Gordy. Which while fun in their own right were likely recylced from something else and would be again. Some of these toys however are hard to find now […]