Mattel Suckerman Commercial

Happy Friday, here is another one from the recently digitized archive, the original commercial for Mattel’s Suckerman. Suckerman definitely fit in with the gimmick figures like Stretch Armstrong and Krusher, they could have formed a League to stop Stretch Monster and Gre-Gory. Enjoy.

Superheroes and Apes in Japan

I was elated to find this ad full of Ourway Studios Superhero and Planet of the Apes merch in a Japanese issue of StarLog. Especially mind warping is those Superhero stamp albums, which I totally had and collected as a kid. I wonder if they still accept orders…… Check out the Our Way Studios catalog […]

Star Wars in Japan

I recently found a 1978 copy of Starlog magazine from Japan, I find it adorable how little Star Wars merchandise there is but this is very, very early in the game. Of particular note is the infamous “Archive Minatures” which I’ve never actually seen before. These little figures (called “dolls” in the ad) were cranked […]

Origin of the Creature Cantina

This past June, I spent a little time with the former toy buyer for Sears. He was a wealth of interesting info but my favourite takeaway of that conversation was this anecdote. I am paraphrasing: Basically, the buyer asked Kenner to make “The bar with all the aliens” as a play set for the Sears […]

Gre-Gory: Big Bad Vampire Bat by Mattel

It finally happened, I got my hands on a Gre-Gory. After posting my disappointment ten years ago (ulp!) I found a good deal on one and decided to take the plunge. More photos after the jump and my observations as I have never seen or held one of these in my life. My first impression […]

Mego Introduces the Micronauts

Today we feature the original toy trade catalog given to buyers when Mego launched the Micronauts in February of 1977. It’s a wonderful and rarely seen piece, more after the jump. Micronauts really was an ambitious and risky gamble for Mego, it’s a sprawling toy line with aggressive TV advertising. Luckily kids were drawn to […]

Star Trek 1978

Even though Star Wars was all the rage, the Mego Star Trek figures miraculously re-appeared in the 1978 Sears Catalog. The figures came on cards with blank backers, it’s largely believed it was a tactic by Mego to retain the Star Trek license for the upcoming move.  Always nice to see the Space Command Center […]

1978 Dejay Record Player Catalog

I’m really happy vinyl is back in what few record stores I can find these days, that’s why I love this 1978 catalog from Dejay featuring a variety of licensed children’s record players. Disco, Holly Hobbie and the Superfriends, it’s a grouping that won’t happen in any other decade…. Check out the 1978 Dejay Catalog […]