Gi Joe: Action Pals for Adventure

My first action figure love was the GI Joe Adventure team, truly the gateway experience for a pretty happy childhood. No matter how many times I see the art on those wonderful painted boxes, I feel five years old. I seriously hope that never fades. Here are some fun links to explore on the site: […]

1975 Lone Ranger UK Catalog

The brilliant Gabriel Toys Lone Ranger action figure line was a big hit in North America but it was also a smash in the UK, where is was sold by Marx Toys. Today, we’ve got the 1975 catalog for the British Lone Ranger series which includes some sweet photos of store displays like this: Visit […]

Action Apeman from Australia

The AHI Action Apemen are one of my favourite knock off lines of all time because they’re just so flagrant. This carded example is easily one of the rarest because it’s the Australian version and it features a more articulated body and well, look at that card art, shiny! Get our book on Rack Toys […]

Evel Knievel Road & Trail Adventure Set

I was scrounging through an Ideal advertising book when I remembered this somewhat more sedate Evel Knievel set.  This has to be Ideal’s response to Big Jim, who was pretty much the king of Camping related toys in 1975. Turns out, this is a pretty rare set that got limited release and a sealed one probably […]

Spock Shirt

At this year’s Mego Meet, I was gifted this amazing vintage Donmoor Star Trek T Shirt by my pal Corey. I’m told it’s pretty rare but even if it wasn’t, it’s genuinely bad-ass. As a kid, I really wanted a Donmoor Star Trek uniform shirt but never got one (probably for the best), so collecting […]

Mattel Big Jim Repro Art Book

Reproduction is was a series of black and white line drawings of toy products provided to vendors for newspaper advertisements. It is something of a lost artform in this digital age and something I both admire and collect. I’ve compiled a gallery of repro art for Mattel’s 1975 Big Jim line, as I’m pretty fond […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man: Coloring Book By Saalfield  (1975),           I’ve done Six Million Dollar Man books before by Saalfield, but I always enjoy another dip into the Bionic Craze. Colouring books are usually a mixed bag depending on what reference materials they give the artist, this may be the first time […]

Star Trek Week: Pinball

I’ve featured the AHI Bagatelle’s before but this appears to be the more “deluxe” version. I ran into one of these on the weekend and it took every fiber of my being to resist it. More Star Trek Rack Toys

Sweathogs Action Bank

“OK, so instead of a skeleton grabbing the coins and dragging it back to it’s coffin, we have a creepy two headed Juan Epstein dragging it back to a box? Brilliant! Get those into production!”- A very drunk toy executive in 1975. More Fun from Fleewood Our new book Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings covers […]

1975 Christmas Toy Store Flyer

Newspaper circulars for toy stores are a tough thing to find, often thrown out immediately it’s a shame when you realzie what a wonderful window into our world they truly are. Take this one for a store called “Hagensick’s Playroom” (great name) in Wisconsin, which features a veritible “who’s who” of hot items for the […]